Simply put, Jimmy's the hardest working man in the Print Business (Picture how James Brown would handle a print job). When he's not making new friends or playing in his band, Jimmy is working towards a goal. Usually that goal is matching the right printer to suit his clients' needs, and dare I say it, he's damn good at it.

He's been in the print business for 29 years now and doesn't plan on quitting any time soon. He started in his brother's print shop, and as soon as they realized he was better at talking to people than he was at sweeping floors, he was made into a salesman and hasn't looked back since.


Not much can come between this woman and her dog... maybe the client's invoices, but that's about it. Seriously... she loves that dog. Don't get me wrong, I've met him, and I understand it completely.

Like Jimmy, she also has a long history in the printing business, having previously owned Crescent Graphics, a wedding invitation firm, for over twenty years. Coincidentally, they're married, and they both work very hard to make sure their clients are happy.


Is she a picky eater? Sure. Does she drive on highways? Of course not... But if you need someone to whip you up a little design magic, she's your lady.

In the office, she's a staple figure, keeping the chaos at bay and production in line. Outside of the office, she's a baby-photographer extraordinaire. Ugly children are no match for her camera. She'll make them look good whether you want them to or not.